Dry Aging Beef Promo only on August 2018


Aging beef has long been known to tenderize the meat naturally.

Relish the opportunity to sample selected prime cuts of the finest dry aged beef cooked by our team Chefs

We aged our USDA Meat for a minimum of 28 days. The moisture evaporates from the meat naturally, however, we make up for this by searing the cut first, to capture the moisture and then grill it, to bring cut its purest most natural flavor

Choice of steak accompaniment such as Potato Bacon Au-Gratin, Baked Sweet Potato, Hasselback Purple Potatoes to complete mouth-watering dish

Much like fine wines and great cheese, aging can be what differentiates a good steak from a truly superb one.

Good selection of fine wine is available to pair with your choice steak

Ready to be order from 20th August

Price start from: IDR 350,000++

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